GroupBuys with Artificial Intelligence

Streamlines the Process of GroupBuys to:

-reduce costs

-increase sales

-remove intermediaries

-yield more profits

-with less effort

What is Group Buys AI?

The AI platform automates the process of the GroupBuys from the Supply side to Retail sales. 

It takes care of repetitive tasks, emails and order fulfillment.


How can GroupBuys AI benefit you?

Save Time & Effort

The AI system automates group buying, including promotions and marketing.

Stay up to date and build connections to make better decisions.

Spend less time on paperwork to focus on growing your business.

Maximize Savings

GroupBuys give ordinary people the buying power to get bulk pricing.
Retailers use Cross promotions, discounts and personal attention that chain stores can’t offer.

Streamline Collaboration

Collaborating with your team, suppliers, and partners becomes easier.
The platform provides real-time communication, document sharing, and progress tracking for efficient collaborations.

Regional Marketing

Artificial Intelligence gives you lists of potential Collaborators operating near your exclusive territory.
Retailers use Regional Cross-promotions to gain Local sales advantages over National chain. stores.

Local Promotions

Artificial intelligence provides data on local businesses in your territory. Armed with this information, you can help them improve their retail sales of your product.
Organizing cross promotional events with your business customers stimulates demand and benefits everyone.

New Products

AI finds popular products so you can enter the market first. The best Competition is NO Competition


The gift of being able to offer this service makes it Priceless
This portal helps people use Artificial Intelligence to compete and beat Big Businesses.
The Mission is to change lives during these uncertain times of Fear, Scams, Doom and Gloom
In the written History of the World, never before this opportunity has been possible.
That’s why it sounds too Good to Be True.  
For that reason we invite you to join your team of hands-on collaborators and be the Judges. 

Then, everyone will follow you. That’s how it always happens.
To protect collaborators from individuals without any commitments, we need a token payment.
To encourage Early Adopters, the payments are set far bellow their market value.
Even then, payments are refundable to unsuccessful early adopters who at least tried.
Plans will always be FREE when used with the Platform’s Bitcoin security solutions.


$ 5
Per Month
  • Basic analytics
  • Perfect for small businesses and startups.


$ 15
Per Month
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ideal for growing businesses with increased needs.


$ 25
Per Month
  • Premium analytics
  • Customized solutions for enterprises and organizations.

How it Works

5 Simple Steps make the Platform Work for everyone

Step 1: Create a Group Buy

Review the Supplier list, decide on a product or service and AI will set the terms and conditions.

Step 2: Get a free Bitcoin wallet

First you try it out with friends and family to see how easy it is to make Bitcoin transactions. Then, you will be ready to use it as your key to Global markets without the risks of banks and scammers.

Step 3: Invite Other Participants

AI will produce lists of potential collaborators and business clients in your area. Send invitations using your personalized links in Telegram, WhatsApp or email.

step 4: AI Optimization

Automated Data Science helps you find customers who will buy your product as soon as it arrives. There is no risk that you will get stuck with inventory you cannot sell.

Step 5: Place the Order

There are no risks on the supply side either. Liquidity providers guard payments on multi-password bitcoin wallets so nobody can cheat. They release payment to the supplier when the order comes. Then you pay to get your products.


Machine learning imitates humans and uses reasoning, sensory applications, decision making and problem-solving. This is how AI executes tasks faster than people and without mistakes.


Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your customers' purchasing patterns. Based on facts, you will optimize your future buying decisions and maximize profitability.

Secure Payment Integration

The AI platform integrates with secure payment gateways to make lightening fast transactions. The Blockchain eliminates expensive Letters of Credit, bank transfers and third party risks.

Real-time Tracking

Fraud prevention is the key to profitable international Trading. Establish Accountability with Real-time tracking of purchases, shipment status, and delivery time.


For more information, please Register and ask questions.

You receive credits and Bitcoin Rewards for making the platforms easier to understand.

It is is free for early adopters to use it during the public Beta. After that, all plans will still be FREE by using the Bitcoin Platform that secures purchases.

We accept credit cards, wire transfers and PayPal.

Our preferred method of payment is with Bitcoin and we offer rewards and savings to anyone using it. It is safe, secure and transactions take seconds to complete.

Banks or governments cannot freeze your Bitcoin because you keep it on a private wallet. Due to its fixed supply, the Bitcoin price keeps on going up. This is why professional investors say that Bitcoin is the best asset class.

You don’t need to be a developer or a designer to use the GroupBuys AI Platform. Anyone can register and start using it. If you need help, Register, ask questions and you will receive credit and Bitcoin Rewards.

All you need to use the GroupBuys AI platform is an internet connection or a mobile phone.  Join for free now!

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